Life at Resolver

A peek into the world of Resolver Engineering

Welcome to the blog for the Resolver Engineering team.

We spend our time building and maintaining the applications that power as well as both SaaS and bespoke products for regulators, ombudsmen and alternative dispute resolution providers.

Over the course of building these products, we have developed our ways of working, found tips and tricks and worked around known and unknown issues in all the products we either build or use.

This blog is our way of giving back to the developer community at large by writing about these things and more. A lot of the posts will be technical in nature and centered around a single product, feature or issue. But we’ll also strive to bring you the voices of our engineering team in other ways by them writing about their experiences of working at Resolver, their backgrounds, their development journeys and more.

We hope you enjoy reading our posts and find them helpful and useful.